Guide in Washing Walls Before Painting

Before priming and painting, it is recommended to do pressure washing on the surface. Doing some washing contrive the chance to remove any debris and unnecessary dirt which gives you the best result. It is essential to do pressure washing for some ideal purposes like to have the new coat be bonded with the underlying coat thoroughly. Smooth paintings will take place upon massive cleaning. This type of task is a bit tiring especially if you have a huge home. However, hiring from pressure washing, NC will help you have a less burden to handle.  

Pressure washing comes in gas and electric models in both. Since you wish to gently give a good treat in your siding, no high-powered washer is needed; the electric washer is a good alternative. This operation depends on how large your home is. Using a high-volume gas washer with a special nozzle, you will be able to clean the upper surface while you are positioned in the ground. Remember that a usual volume of 1000 to 15000 PSI rating is already enough for washing siding.  

To help you with your utmost concern before painting, we have rounded below some helpful guides in washing your surface. Take note of these amazing facts and carefully apply this.  

  • Gently remove anything that is stuck on the surface. Use tools like a razor blade to drag away any unusual dirt you see. Be sure to cover the items inside or take them away. No matter how expert you are in this type of job, if the dirt is not removed thoroughly, still it doesn’t look the ideal paint you would want to see. Moreover, always use personal protective equipment upon the operation to ensure your safety.  
  • After the unusual substance is removed, wash the walls. The first thing you need to do is to fill a bucket with warm water. Then, add a non-abrasive soap and gently spread it aligned to the direction accordingly. Use a large sponge dip into the water with soap and wipe the area. Lastly, rinse it thoroughly. Remember to avoid too much scrubbing since it could result in a great moist in the area. This might damage the surface.  
  • Before making some priming and painting, let the area dried up. Too much moisture on the surface will probably prevent setting the paint and an extreme mold growth takes place. Using some drier or electric fans will help the area to dry. Opening the window and doors is a good technique too.   
  • Though pressure washing is a must, moving from washing to coating directly shouldn’t be done especially in the visibility of nicotine. These types of substances must be sealed with a primer coated. Also, try using an alcohol-based primer to address the paint from the smell as well as staining. However, failure in priming the surface could result to do a repaint which you would not want to happen. That is why it is important to prime when painting the area.  

Some experienced painters will not likely to wash the wall before painting. They have their reason like they only come for painting and washing the surface is not part of their job anymore, unless you pay an additional upon their service. Have a comprehensive deal to your constructors before proposing the job to them.  





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